imagesDid the price of gas just go up again…? A man in Spokane filled up the tank of his 1994 Camaro last week, he thought the $90 he had on his PayPal debit card would easily cover the $26 bill. But he soon got a phone call from PayPal – “A pre-authorization at an automated gas station dispenser was approved at $81,400,836,908 in Richland, Washington,” the automated recording said. According to PayPal he had bought over $81 Billion in fuel. Surprisingly, PayPal argued with him about the mix up, not wanting to take responsibility I guess. In the end it was a ‘computer glitch,’ caused by a human entering a merchant number instead of the gas amount? 

“I broke it down and its like $550 Million a gallon so I don’t get a lot of gas mileage and an expensive tank of gas,” he said. Apparently, it would take about 10,000 years to pump $81 Billion worth of gas.  

“I’m thinking about signing up for overdraft protection today,” he laughed.
My question…? Who uses PayPal when buying gas?
via: kxly