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Colette, the amazing gallery, design boutique, water bar and more, in Paris has just launched a line of jewelry and fashion in honour of Barbie’s 50th Birthday. Margaux Lange has created some unique and beautiful pieces using Barbie doll parts with more traditional materials like sterling silver and resins.  She has re-purposed mass produced materials into one-of-a-kind handmade, wearable art.  I love the ‘Hand hinge Bracelet’ made with Barbie hands, and the ‘Have a Heart’ necklace using Barbie’s size 39 (!) breasts. Check out the rest of the line on Colette’s site.

artsole1Art & Sole, a new title from publisher Laurence King, explores and celebrates collaborations between sports shoe brands and artists. A book in two parts, the first explores ‘Sneakers & Art’ –  sneakers designed by artists, the second part ‘Art & Sneakers’ – looks at art inspired by the shoes themselves. This book sets out to examine contemporary, cutting-edge sneaker design, focussing on the creative side of sneaker culture. We see the best in collaborations between artists and major brands. “These shoes are at the sharp end of sneaker culture – not shoes that can be found in your average sports shop.”

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squhistory-chess-by-boym-editionsweb2history-chess-by-boym-editions-web4History in the form of a game of strategy.  Designed by Boym Partners Inc., NY designers, The History Chess Set is a limited edition (only 8 made), hand carved, 32 piece set. Each piece represents a historic event or icon from the 20th century. The Panton Chair, The Titanic, VW Beetle, Coke bottle, Space Shuttle, The Mac Classic Computer and The Twin Towers are just a sampling of the sculptures represented in the 4′ x 4′ set.

From the Boym website…”The history of the last century has often been compared to a chess game. A tournament of opposing political systems, ideologies, brands and artistic movements”

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While some may say this is sacrilege, I love it! Mike Perry (author of Hand Job) has an exhibit at The Giant Robot Gallery in NY, Called ‘The Patterns Found in Space’. A Doodler extraordinaire, Perry creates new typefaces and graphics that inevitably evolve into his new work, he has a great belief that the “generating of piles is the sincerest form of creative process.” (I tend to agree!).  The exhibit opens March 7th – April 8th, 2009.mike-perry-chair-1

















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This gives a whole new meaning to ‘green thumb’. Designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson, this is “an experiment in drawing nature toward man.”  Growing jewelry needs a bit more attention and care than your average ring, water, nurture and maybe even talk to it to keep it looking its finest! Check out his Growing Jewelry Store too.
[images from hafsteinn juliusson website]




thoughtA friend forwarded this link to me today and I wanted to share it (thanks Fred!).  It is called ‘The Thought Project’. For 3 months, Danish photographer, Simon Hogsberg stopped strangers – 150 of them –  in Denmark and New York and asked them to talk about what they were thinking at that exact moment. This site is a record of what 50 of those people said.  Some of the interviews are boring, mundane everyday stuff, some are deep and some kind of disturbing!  What I really like about this is that he interviewed them in person…not over the internet, and because of that I think they feel far more real and personal.  The site is as simple and striking as his images.


SEED is a great magazine that combines design and science. In 2009 they are celebrating my two favourite things – curiousity & creativity, with a site that attempts to ‘give us reason for optimism’.  Reserve all assumptions and ‘pose better questions about the future’,  Welcome to The Universe in 2009. 

While I would never claim to have a scientific mind, I do have an intense curiousity for just about everything.  This exhibit has it all. It has a similar interface to the MoMa online exhibition Design and The Elastic Mind, curated by SEED magazine’s Paola Antonelli. It has the same addictive quality…once you go there prepare to stay a while.  I just scratched the surface tonight…i will be back!


















You really have to visit the website of Tokujin Yoshioka to fully appreciate his work.  His site sounds and looks as incredible as his work. My words could not justify the beauty and creativity of his architecture, installations, graphics and products.

“His work has been highly elevated as art works simply more than design works.”  The image above shows him  at work on Venus – A Natural Crystal Chair. A skeleton is formed from a substrate made of polyester elastomer, and is then submerged in a tank. And just like that experiment from grade 6, crystals then grow on the substrate. Unlike that experiment from grade 6, a beautiful piece of art is formed in the shape of a chair. The chair was part of an exhibition at the Japanese Gallery  21_21, the theme of the show – “Thinking about the future of design: Second Nature, from the depths of a sea of memories.”    

I think I have a new favourite designer.