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When I started this blog a couple of weeks ago I said that it would develop, grow and change.  Well…I have changed the address. (Not sure how it became my name in the first place!!)

Please click here to be re-directed to the new home…

Thanks to everyone that has been reading, and visit often at thinkreallybig !




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This makes the web 2 world we are living in, sound  a little crazy…!


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Well, here I am. All alone…without the security of a big Corporation’s blog. No fellow bloggers to keep me company. No one knows me here…and how will they find me?

Today is Day 10 of unemployment for me. Maybe it hasn’t quite hit yet…4 great days in New York softened the blow I think, and this week has been busy with paper work, re-establishing connections, a few lunches with former collegues, and more time with the kids.  

So, my first post is a short one. It is merely satisfying an addiction right now. I am just getting started and getting used to this new life…you are my guinnie pigs. Comments are welcome…and even encouraged!  This blog will attempt to “find the thing just around the corner”, share some of the “far-sighted” and “crazy-about the small stuff” (as per Brian!) i come accross in my daily searches. This blog will evolve, the name will probably change, and as it grows up and matures, will change its looks too. Until I get the hang of it…please be patient – I am still learning…!