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I love tattoos.  While I don’t have any – I find many of them both beautiful and slightly disturbing at the same time.  “Between 1948 to 2005, 3,000 drawings were compiled by prison warden and ethnographer Danzing Baldaev of the tattoos of the inmates. Supported by the KGB, who recognised the usefulness of such a document, these drawings were supplemented by photographs by Sergei Vasiliev, a fellow warden.”  Many of these photographs are currently on exhibit at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.

Their body art and meanings were recorded and assembled into 3 books, Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia volumes 1 – 3 can be purchased through Fuel Design. You can also view a sample of them on this slightly dark video. These tattoos have recently been depicted in a film by David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises) and a Martin Amis novel (House of Meetings).

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thoughtA friend forwarded this link to me today and I wanted to share it (thanks Fred!).  It is called ‘The Thought Project’. For 3 months, Danish photographer, Simon Hogsberg stopped strangers – 150 of them –  in Denmark and New York and asked them to talk about what they were thinking at that exact moment. This site is a record of what 50 of those people said.  Some of the interviews are boring, mundane everyday stuff, some are deep and some kind of disturbing!  What I really like about this is that he interviewed them in person…not over the internet, and because of that I think they feel far more real and personal.  The site is as simple and striking as his images.