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I know what you’re thinking…not another Barbie post. Couldn’t resist.  I showed my husband the Barbie jewelry when he got home from work, he proudly showed me a USB key that he had fashioned out of an old Barbie head from Goodwill Thrift Shop.  Had to share it on this Barbie’s birthday.


Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I am crazy for coffee.  The stronger the better.  While I was employed (week 3 of unemployment) I had several personal cups…the iCup, the ‘I am not a paper cup’ cup, and even a cup made out of corn, it was bright yellow and said ‘reading is sexy’.  The problem?  They would often go missing, over zealous cleaners would disregard my DO NOT TOUCH sticky note and they would disappear into the hands of some unknown co-worker.  With 300 people at HOK , it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I would send emails, offer rewards, and even made a ‘public service announcement’ via powerpoint before a presentation. So…I am very particular about what I drink my latte from.  This one caught my eye because it is all about personalization. How could someone else drink from it if it has your ‘to do’ list on it?  
Now, this is not a worry for me.  I drink my coffee at home from my favourite cup. My home made ‘Mom’ cup, and I never have to worry about anyone taking it.
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telescopic_textThis one is a bit hard to explain…Go to Telescopic Text to see how the story changes and develops when the highlighted words are clicked.

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imagesDid the price of gas just go up again…? A man in Spokane filled up the tank of his 1994 Camaro last week, he thought the $90 he had on his PayPal debit card would easily cover the $26 bill. But he soon got a phone call from PayPal – “A pre-authorization at an automated gas station dispenser was approved at $81,400,836,908 in Richland, Washington,” the automated recording said. According to PayPal he had bought over $81 Billion in fuel. Surprisingly, PayPal argued with him about the mix up, not wanting to take responsibility I guess. In the end it was a ‘computer glitch,’ caused by a human entering a merchant number instead of the gas amount? 

“I broke it down and its like $550 Million a gallon so I don’t get a lot of gas mileage and an expensive tank of gas,” he said. Apparently, it would take about 10,000 years to pump $81 Billion worth of gas.  

“I’m thinking about signing up for overdraft protection today,” he laughed.
My question…? Who uses PayPal when buying gas?
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This makes the web 2 world we are living in, sound  a little crazy…!