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Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects has developed a house that grows as your family or circumstances do. The family unit has changed in recent times – but housing really hasn’t. They have designed a series of villas that are as flexible as life and the changing times. The Villas can be built one by one or integrated and connected to form a larger residential area.  The video illustrates how it works. Right now the Villas are sold in the United Kingdom and Sweden and are produced by Kjellgren Kaminsky and Emrahus. 
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Koolhaas Houselife is the first in a series of films called “Living Architectures”.  The goal of the series is to ‘demonstrate the vitality, fragility and vulnerability of architecture through the observation of daily life…”  

The films’ main character is a housekeeper – Guadalupe Acedo – throughout the film, she points out the “complex world of daily life”.  10 years ago, Rem Koolhaas created  one of the most amazing houses ever built: the Maison à Bordeaux. The engineering is incredible – moving walls, lifting bedrooms, platforms and automated windows, designed to give freedom to the owner, a wheelchair bound, car accident victim.  The film’s intent is to ‘de-idealize’ architecture, to make it seem less precious and more personal. 

Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine’s film sold out its 1st edition.  The 2nd edition DVD -book is now available.
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