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You really have to visit the website of Tokujin Yoshioka to fully appreciate his work.  His site sounds and looks as incredible as his work. My words could not justify the beauty and creativity of his architecture, installations, graphics and products.

“His work has been highly elevated as art works simply more than design works.”  The image above shows him  at work on Venus – A Natural Crystal Chair. A skeleton is formed from a substrate made of polyester elastomer, and is then submerged in a tank. And just like that experiment from grade 6, crystals then grow on the substrate. Unlike that experiment from grade 6, a beautiful piece of art is formed in the shape of a chair. The chair was part of an exhibition at the Japanese Gallery  21_21, the theme of the show – “Thinking about the future of design: Second Nature, from the depths of a sea of memories.”    

I think I have a new favourite designer.